Visas for European countries

The majority of citizens need a tourist or health visa to visit most European countries for entertainment purposes or for the purpose of medical treatment. Most Libyans are eligible to obtain a tourist visa for European countries. By filling out a simple online form with their personal data and passport information, travellers can obtain a certified tourist visa. A Libyan citizen will be able to stay between 15 to 90 days or more in the European country, the visa may be for a single or multiples ones. The visa application can be submitted three months before the trip, thus we advise you to apply at least one month before the scheduled trip. Please note that all orders are processed individually. The Embassy may request more documents or information or may ask you to conduct an interview that may extend the processing time.

Airlines Booking

We compare prices on most airlines through the electronic linking in order to provide our customers with the best prices. At Almadina Travel and Tourism Agency, we care about the safety and enjoyment of our costumers, one of which is determining child seats when booking and ordering a meal for children on the plane. (These services are only available on some airlines)


Hotel Booking

Almadina Agency for Travel and Tourism is distinguished by the diversity of options and sources for hotel reservations at competitive prices, where we put the tourism requirements of the Libyan family at the forefront of our priorities, by providing all means of enjoyment for all family members, parents and children. Therefore, when we choose a hotel or any tourist service, we take into account the factors of comfort, security and safety for children and adults. We directly contract hotels in cities and countries of the world, which makes our prices competitive and incomparable.


Visa services for all countries of the world

We provide you with all types of visas for all countries of the world: (tourist – express visas – medical, as well as businessmen services). These services include processing files, scheduling appointments, obtaining academic admissions, as well as medical or business invitations that you receive from the major approved companies and hospitals.


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Almadina Travel and Tourism, founded in 1993 by Mr. Mohamed Albeera, Dr. Ramadan Abu Shaala and Mr. Salem Al-Raqik, is a local Libyan company that is subject in its administrative affairs and financial procedures to the Libyan economic laws regulating the work of companies. Read more